Derrick Henagan
Unsolved Homicide Luce County, McMillan Michigan

Derrick Henagan

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Derrick Ray Henagan


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Derrick Henagan was declared legally dead June 22 2016, Cause of death was ruled a Homicide.


A interview done with Betty Henagan, Derrick Ray Henagan's mother.


Derrick Ray Henagan's story.


August 1 2008

Derrick's mom received a call from Derrick's then girlfriend, Claiming that Derrick was once again down to his friends house and they was having a party and that she suspected that Derrick was using drugs. Betty in turned called the last number Derrick called her from and spoke with Derrick. He didn't seemed to sound messed up and in fact the friend's house he was at even stated he wasn't partying at all, That they had been digging and fixing his worm bed to produce worms in. And everything seemed fine.

August 2 2008

Betty got a call from Derrick asking her if she could come pick him up that he was just tired of fighting with the girlfriend every time he turned around. Betty stated she told him no she couldn't go pick him up, because like every time before he would just end up going back there.. At this time Derrick was under the impression that the child the girlfriend was carrying was his. But Derrick never would get a chance to find that out...

August 3 2008

Derrick had called his dad and asked him if he would come get him, His dad told Derrick if you will call me in the morning with all the bus info that he would send a bus ticket... Derrick told his dad that he had to get out of there because they was gonna kill him if he didn't.. 

Derrick's dad waited all day the next day and never heard from Derrick, Thinking like his mom did, they probably worked things out..

August 4 2008

Between 4:30 and 5:00 pm Derrick's mom received a call from Derrick's girlfriend claiming that Derrick was missing.. And that she had started calling all of Derrick's friends in Derrick's phone that she had reactivated after turning it off because she had gotten upset with Derrick...

Betty told the girlfriend that she had not heard a word from Derrick nor had she seen him..

The girlfriend states that she had gone down to the house he was staying at, When she got there she went up to the house and knocked on the door for Derrick, She claims Derrick came to the door looking pretty rough covered in dog hair. (She describes Derrick wearing a Monster drink shirt, shorts, socks and white tennis shoes. She also made a flyer describing what derrick was wearing, where he had last been seen and in what direction Derrick traveled when Derrick left the friends house for a pre arraigned meeting with her in the woods) 

She stated that he had came out of the house and sat in the car with her, she claimed they argued about the house being broken into and Derrick being the one who broke in there. She then claims she seen a Michigan State Police cruiser came up the road and pull in the driveway of the home she was at, She stated that when she seen them coming down the road to pull in the driveway she told Derrick to run in the house, She goes on to state that Derrick got out of the car and headed back in the house and then the Trooper pulled into the driveway and approached her and asked if Derrick was there, She claims she lied and told the Trooper he wasn't there.

The girlfriend and the Trooper then headed down to her and Derrick's home to take a B&E Report from the house getting broke into. She had claimed someone broke into their home and they stole 2 guns a bow and a few other items. She claims that MSP did a full complete search of the B&E taking finger prints and such.

The girlfriend claims her and Derrick then continued to argue all day about getting her stuff back, and him saying he didn't do it but would help get her things back, and kept telling her he was on her side. She also stated that Derrick asked her to meet him in the woods, She claims she said she would (story has changed several times) and that she went out there but he wasn't there, she also claims that she had no intention of going out there and went and laid down.

At 4:30 pm that day Derrick leaves his friends home and walks across the road into the woods to meet her at the pre arraigned spot. Never to be seen again. 

Between 4:30 and 5:00 pm that day Derrick's mom Betty Henagan receives a call from the girlfriend. The girlfriend ask her if she had heard from Derrick because he was missing, Betty states, no she hadn't heard from him since that Saturday.

We later found out that her brother and a friend came and spent the night that night. And that her daughters were also there, after being told by the sister that she had brought the kids to her because the girlfriend knew that her and Derrick would be fighting.

August 5 2008

At some point she was paid a visit by a Luce County Deputy, MSP Trooper & a Bondsmen. The visit was due to the fact that back in July 2008 ( 30 days prior to Derrick going missing) while the girlfriends dad was missing, Derrick was arrested for driving on a suspended license.  And had since failed to appear for court, and the check that the girlfriend had given the Bondsmen for payment of the bond, had a stop payment placed on it..

The Bondsmen and two officer's was there and it took some time for the girlfriend to come to the door, In fact her youngest daughter kept giving excuses as to why her mom couldn't come to the door. 

Finally the girlfriend came to the door and spoke with the Police as well as the Bondsmen. She took care of the check issue and let them in the home to walk through and see if Derrick was there, She even took them to the garage where she showed Derrick's bag of clothes and personal belongings along with the white tennis shoes ( Derrick was reported missing in ) lay covered in mud.

She continued to call Betty off and on talking really fast and checking to see if Derrick was there or if she had heard from Derrick.

August 8 2008

( one of many dates given to Betty as to when the report was made)

The girlfriend called MSP and made a missing persons report. She met with a Trooper and stated she hadn't seen him and that he was missing. It was stated that the MSP felt he was just a fugitive from the law due to not showing up for court and the reported B&E.

The property that Derrick lived at was never searched at the time of the girlfriend filing the Missing persons report, nor was the property that Derrick had reportedly been staying at the weekend prior to his disappearance. And still haven't at the time of this publication.

Over the next few months things got pretty tense between the girlfriend and Derrick's mom. In one of the conversations the girlfriend stated to Betty that Derrick had came home to her that night. And Betty asked the girlfriend if Derrick came home to you where is he... Derrick has not been seen since August 4 2008.

May 2009

Its mother Day weekend and Derrick's mother and Friends went to Newberry Michigan, Luce County to post flyers and be there while a private Search and Rescue Group by the name of Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue ran by Michael Nieger,  did a search for Derrick Ray Henagan.

They searched several plots of land, lakes, and even the property and house in Which Derrick and the girlfriend had lived in. 

The first night Michael Nieger came back to the room and briefed Betty, and told her that they would be doing the house and property the next day and that due to running dogs and such she would not be allowed to be on the property. So Betty took and posted over 300 Missing persons flyers all around Luce County and other area's.

The search of the property was very beneficial to the disappearance of Derrick Henagan. A Human Remains dog had hit in spots in the bedroom,had hit on carpet (which field tested positive for protein) that was turned over to MSP to be further tested.

Betty was asked to stay till Monday in order for her to give DNA which was done at the Newberry Post.

A complete report of that search was wrote up with the results of the complete search and was forwarded to Michigan State Police, for their follow up. To date that follow up has not been done.

As time has gone on stories have changed, People have passed and failed polygraphs, a few have refused to take them, and others just never showed up.

June 2015

In June 2015 Derrick's case was upgraded to a homicide investigation and Michigan State Police started from the beginning of the case questioning people all over, once again stories changed. Also in the summer of 2015 there was an item turned into Michigan State Police that had field tested positive for protein and was taken into possession of Michigan State Police at that time for more further testing, Results are not made available at this time. As the same with the carpet.

June 22 2016

There was a court hearing in Luce County Courts to have Derrick Ray Henagan declared legally deceased. At that hearing there was testimonial from Michigan State Police along with some evidence. After the judge heard there was all to hear, The Judge ruled that indeed Derrick was legally dead and that they would forward everything to the Corners Office for there to be a death certificate issued in Derrick Ray Henagan's death.. The Corner after reviewing all the documentation and such ruled Derrick Ray Henagan's death a Homicide.. 

Please if you have any information as to the circumstances leading up to Derrick Ray Henagan's Disappearance. Please go to our tip area and leave a tip..The tip will be kept confidential and only Law Enforcement will see it, If you wish to be anonymous please follow the directions on the page.

Derrick Ray Henagan's Family only wants Derrick and to bring him home and give him a proper place to rest.


Michigan State Police Reports
Interview with Betty Henagan
Truth by Dy ( posted on Topix)
Several recorded phone conversations